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Precision Leveling Wedge catalog pages 16-19




Precision Leveling Wedges


BILZ Precision Leveling Wedges are manufactured in three different models; free standing (PK Series), bolt-on to the machine (PKA Series), bolt-through to the floor, foundation (PKD Series).  This design permits the highest precision leveling range, to within 0.0004" (0.01mm).  Our self-locking design prevents creep from the installed position.  Large support surfaces provide optimum foundation support and rigidity.  Any of the BILZ Isolation materials can be bonded to the top and/or bottom of the leveling wedge to provide the required vibration isolation.  


Machine leveling with Bilz leveling wedges is very fast and efficient, especially when compared to other machine levelers or leveling feet.  The full weight of the machine can be applied directly to the leveling wedge and the leveling wedge can be adjusted to level the machine.  This allows you to reduce the time needed for rented equipment such as portable cranes and fork lifts.  Once the machine is set onto the leveling wedges, initial adjustments of the leveling wedges can be carried out with a torque wrench to assure that equal loading is applied to each leveling wedge.  A precision machinist level can then be used to finely adjust each leveling wedge to accurately level the machine to within 0.0004" (0.01mm).



Precision Leveling Wedge, Series PK (free-standing)


BILZ Precision Leveling Wedges PK are used where a firm mounting with the machine is not required. The high coefficient of friction of the isolation materials and anti-skid pads keep the machine in place.


leveling wedgeleveling wedge

                                       BILZ Precision Leveling Wedges, model PK, installed under Plastic Injection Molding Machine


Precision Leveling Wedge, Series PKA (bolt-on)

BILZ precision leveling wedges PKA are used where a firm machine mount is required. Preferably on machines with a high axial thrust such as die casting machines, injection machines, shock testing machines, and cold extrusion presses etc. 


Notice: We are always pleased to fulfill special requests!


leveling wedge


Precision Leveling Wedge, Series PKD (bolt-through)

BILZ precision leveling wedge PKD are used for machines which need to be fixed to a foundation or to the floor, due their unfavorable stability. Also for machines which must be �squeezed� or �pulled� when being aligned � e.g. for machines with little natural rigidity!



With spherical seating PKAK / PKDK

Precision Wedge, Series PKAK (bolt-on)

Series PKDK (bolt-through)


BILZ precision leveling wedge PKAK / PKDK are used to compensate angular differences between machines and foundations. Especially for machines with a long bed and high demands in alignment.


leveling wedge

Amada America's optional Amada Machine Mounts (Spherical Seat Wedges) for installation on their 30 and 50 ton turret punch presses is  the Bilz model PKDK with spherical seating and bolt through options.


Mounting of an Amada EM2510 stamping machine on Bilz Rubber Air Springs



Screw-on base plate for PKA / PKAK precision leveling wedges

BILZ base plates provide a simple method for anchoring the machine to the ground. Base plates are attached to the precision leveling wedges with four countersunk-head screws. The base plates can be attached in three different mounting positions to fit different installation requirements.


More information available on request!


leveling wedge



Precision wedge PKAE

In stainless steel


stainless steel leveling wedge

For machines in the food, beverage and tobacco industries and the packaging, chemistry and pharmaceutical industries.





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